I use XFCE and its built-in terminal on FreeBSD. When I view a man page and then quit it - by pressing Q - the contents of the man page stay in the terminal. In a GNOME terminal that doesn't happen: the man page's text is removed and you return to the previous stage before opening the man page with all the previously entered commands there. The same happens when I use vim. How can I make sure I get the same behavior on XFCE as well?

echo $TERM gives me xterm-256color and changing it to xterm - as it has been suggested here - doesn't solve my problem. I didn't find an option for "alternate screen" here either.


I was able to solve this by adding this line to .cshrc:

setenv TERM xterm-clear

And then I also had to make csh my default shell because sh didn't pick up changes from .shrc for some reason.

  • I may be stating the obvious, but the name .cshrc implies that these are settings for use by the csh. Other shells will never look into it as it may contain settings incompatible or unimplemented in these shells. If you type echo $SHELL, it should give you the shell you are currently using, and enable you to place settings in the appropriate config file. – AdminBee Jul 13 '20 at 8:34
  • Indeed, you're right. And like I alluded to it, sh was my default shell, and it didn't pick up what I put in the .shrc, so I had to set csh as a default shell. Again, what I needed was a "quick step-by-step how-to that lets me get on with my life" and definitely not taking every single possible shell and terminal combination into account and provide a lengthy discussion that applies to everything. – MatX Jul 13 '20 at 19:14

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