I have some experience on Linux but on permissions I have very little experience.

I have some solutions to my problems, but I want to know which solution is the best.

Problem: DOSBox shared for all users.

Solution 1: Games and settings hardlinked from my home directory to everyone's home directory.

Solution 2: DOSBox run with specific user, shared for all users (I am not totally sure how to do this, but I am almost sure that it is easy) and all games and settings are in that user's home directory. Let say the user is "shared_user".

Problem: Wine needs a lot to support beautiful greek fonts. I must download greek fonts for each user. Also for many programs need to configure windows registry, stored per user.

Solution 1: as previous.

Solution 2: as previous. In that case, If I have a private .EXE program, not accecible from other users, can I run it with "shared_user"?

Which of 2 solutions is better?

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When you need all users to have certain privileges to a directory or a file you can make use of SUID or SGID. You can read on these here What is SUID, SGID and Sticky bit ?.

Basically, the file with the SUID set will always be executed as if the file owner executed it. This would be the most similar to your solution number 2.

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