I have a variable with nested json,


Looking for a way to grep the "value" in the nested json (like the one highlighted) in variable a.

I'am using grep and jq but I can't show value, I show "dates" (echo $result | grep -Po '"dates":.*?[^\\],.*?[^\\]"') but not just the value.

Any help?

  • Will there always be just one value? What operating system are you using? Do you have the GNU tools? Does your grep support -o? And, of so, would something as simple as grep -oP '(?<=value":)[0-9.]+' <<<"$a" do? – terdon Jul 8 at 12:31

You want the "value" from (the first object in the "dates" array) from (the first object in the "coordinates" array) from (the first object in the "data" array)

$ a='{"version":"3.0","user":"unknown_unknown","dateGenerated":"2020-07-08T11:53:23Z","status":"OK","data":[{"parameter":"t_2m:C","coordinates":[{"lat":39.23054,"lon":9.11917,"dates":[{"date":"2020-07-08T15:53:23Z","value":25.1}]}]}]}'
$ echo "$a" | jq -r '.data[0].coordinates[0].dates[0].value'
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You may also want to consider installing gron, which is a utility to "Make JSON greppable!".

With a defined as in your question,

echo $a | gron


json.data = [];
json.data[0] = {};
json.data[0].coordinates = [];
json.data[0].coordinates[0] = {};
json.data[0].coordinates[0].dates = [];
json.data[0].coordinates[0].dates[0] = {};
json.data[0].coordinates[0].dates[0].date = "2020-07-08T15:53:23Z";
json.data[0].coordinates[0].dates[0].value = 25.1;
json.data[0].coordinates[0].lat = 39.23054;
json.data[0].coordinates[0].lon = 9.11917;
json.data[0].parameter = "t_2m:C";
json.dateGenerated = "2020-07-08T11:53:23Z";
json.status = "OK";
json.user = "unknown_unknown";
json.version = "3.0";

which does indeed make it easy to process:

$ echo $a | gron | sed -n '/value/{s/.* //; s/;//; p;}'

$ echo $a | gron | awk '/value/ {sub(/;/,""); print $NF;}'
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  • thanks for the pointer to gron .. been lookin for something like that – rr0ss0rr Jul 8 at 18:13

Using Miller, with its default JSON array flattening:

$ mlr --ijson --onidx cut -f 'data:0:coordinates:0:dates:0:value' <<<"$a"

or regex-matching the flattened element name

$ mlr --ijson --onidx cut -r -f 'value$' <<<"$a"
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