I tried pwgen and makepasswd to generate a password...
but these are not enough to generate with exact count of literals and numbers...

pwgen -c -n -y -B  12 1

This is not working as expected as I cannot define min numbers count...
I want to define min and max chars allowed in each type of literals...
does crunch have this feature?
is there any other tool you suggest for this?
shell scripts are most welcome... (with regex)

Thanks in advance


Just run it until it works (in a newer version of bash that supports the =~ for regex matching):

unset pass; 
until [[ \
        $pass =~ [0-9].*[0-9] && 
        $pass =~ [A-Z].*[A-Z] && 
        $pass =~ [^A-Za-z0-9] \
      ]]; do 
    pass=$(LC_ALL=C pwgen -c -n -y -B  12 1) 

For example:

$ unset pass; until [[ $pass =~ [0-9].*[0-9] && $pass =~ [A-Z].*[A-Z] && $pass =~ [^A-Za-z0-9] ]]; do pass=$(LC_ALL=C pwgen -c -n -y -B  12 1); done; echo $pass

Note that I am defining "symbol" as "not a letter and not a number". You can choose something more restrictive if you like.

If your shell doesn't support regex matching, try:

$ perl -le 'until ($pass =~ /\d.*\d/ && $pass =~ /[A-Z].*[A-Z]/ && $pass =~ /[^A-Za-z0-9]/){chomp($pass=`LC_ALL=C pwgen -c -n -y -B  12 1`)}; print "$pass"'
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if you have GNU grep with Perl mode installed, this can generate a password as per constraints.

$ < /dev/urandom \
   tr -cd '[:alnum:][:punct:]' | fold -w 12 |
   grep -Pm1 '(?=.*[[:upper:]].*[[:upper:]])(?=.*[[:digit:]].*[[:digit:]])(?=.*[[:punct:]])'

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