Today my Fedora 32 operation system give me tips that : low disk space on filesystem root fedora:

enter image description here

this tips make me surprise,with my limit experience,not like windows partition, the linux root system contains all file system,I have 1TB SDD and I am very sure the disk space is low pressure.what should I do to fix this problem? why the root not using /dolphin/home folder space? the are different space like window C system partition?


Almost 70 GB of data in your root partition? That does not look normal, so it's possible that you are using it for the wrong purpose.

Older Fedora versions recommended 3 to 5 GB for the root partition:

A 3.0 GB partition allows you to install a minimal installation, while a 5.0 GB root partition lets you perform a full installation, choosing all package groups.

The requirements have been lifted in more recent versions, but still far from the size that you allocated:

For a minimal installation, a 5 GB root partition will be sufficient. However, for most common installations which include extra packages and a graphical user interface, the root partition should be at least 10 GB; with 20 GB being sufficient for most common use cases.

So the question is really: what are you storing in there? Without any additional information, I can only suggest to check your /var folder, perhaps especially the /var/cache folder. But generally speaking it's likely that your problem is your /var folder.

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    Yes,you are right. I am install 3 kvm virtual machine and using much space in var folder.I have moved the image files to home folder now.@user1301428 – Dolphin Jul 5 at 4:07

It looks like you decided not to partition when you built your machine and threw everything into the same partition. This can cause problems when you run out of space.

I would recommend checking out KDirStat or ncdu.

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    Thank you,I install a qdirstat using sudo dnf install qdirstat and file the kvm image files take too much space of my root disk.@Aaron D. Marasco – Dolphin Jul 5 at 4:08

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