I have added a new keyboard layout in keyboard settings. I have added the language applet to my toolbar as well. Pressing Win+Space does not change anything.

enter image description here

I also added the corresponding language packages in the language and locale settings. enter image description here enter image description here

It does nothing. Even in the keyboard settings in "Manjaro settings manager", testing the layout also fails. It types in English. enter image description here

Can someone help me fix this?


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Indian Kannada layout does not work on my computer either.

I found a topic that seems similar: https://forum.manjaro.org/t/kde-unable-to-set-keyboard-layout-to-indian/

From this topic, looks like many Indian layouts got broken with one recent update in Manjaro:

Indian language variants of the keyboard layout have stopped working after this update. Please take a look at this post.

I guess, it may be worth switching to testing to receive the fix: sudo pacman-mirrors --api --set-branch testing

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