I have been reading and searching on what is the best way to run my shell scripts through a website.

My goals are as follows:

  • Browse a folder
  • Select folder or contents
  • onclick will run script
  • Files will be modified and output results inside a .txt file

I have searched mostly for CGI but I know there maybe other alternatives. Also, I am using a Linux hosting server from a 3rd party company.

I did run across these helpful sites for others to read: CGI Security & YoLinux

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shbot is a very nice IRC bot used for the #bash Freenode channel. You can ask it to run Bash code for you:

/privmsg shbot echo test

It should be relatively easy to adapt this to work with a static web page.


I would not recommend you to do such thing, but if I really needed it I would, probably, modify mod_autoindex to generate special links for *.sh files, pointing to CGI script which does the job.

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