I'm running Manjaro Linux and I've got the following entries in my sudoers file:

$ sudo grep -vE '^#|^$' /etc/sudoers
root ALL=(ALL) ALL

And my user is part of the 'wheel' group:

$ groups
sys network power vboxusers lp wheel user

How come I still get asked for a password whenever I run sudo?

Also, suppose my username is 'user' and I only have root ALL=(ALL) ALL in the sudoers file. This was the original setting and I was able to run sudo commands even though there is nothing defined for 'user' in this file. How does this work?

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    Look in /etc/sudoers.d. – muru Jun 30 at 5:29
  • Thanks @muru that makes sense, I do see a file there called 10-installer with wheel group defined – Subbeh Jun 30 at 5:32

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