I'm musing a button with 12 xinput buttons (Contour Unimouse) - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12.

Among its buttons, it has:

  • One physical left button
  • One physical middle button
  • One physical right button
  • A scrollwheel "middle" button

In the button map that xinput returns for it, the left button is 1, the scrollwheel "middle" button is 2, and the actual physical middle button is assigned to a double click of 1.

I want to remap the physical behavior button. My problem is that that button does a double left-click, and when doing xinput test <the-mouse's-id> and clicking on it, it does a click then release twice of button 1 (what the physical left button is mapped to), while the scrollwheel button is mapped to 2.

So since the physical middle button isn't mapped to a virtual mouse button of its own, I can't target it with set-button-map.

Is there any way to work around this?

I'm using Kubuntu, if that's relevant.

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