I just finished installing Arch Linux on my computer. Everything seems to be working fine, except I can't get my wifi to work. My wifi is a standard WPA2 network that comes from a router in my house. I know I should be able to get it to work because when I boot the Arch installation USB, I can get it working using wifi-menu.

I'm following the Arch Wiki's Network configuration/Wireless page. In order to be systematic, I started by only installing the wpa-supplicant package. Following the steps on the Arch Wiki, the command lspci -k says the Kernel driver in use and Kernel modules are both rtl8192ce which should be correct for my wifi adapter. Next, my interface is wlp5s0 and I set it to "UP" using ip link set wlp5s0 up. Next, the dmesg | grep firmware command showed the following error:

# dmesg | grep firmware
[    1.953242] platform regulatory.0: Direct firmware load for regulatory.db failed with error -2

So I installed wireless-regdb which fixed that error, but did not make the wifi work. Next, I tried to connect to the wifi by following the Arch Wiki's wpa_supplicant page. I followed the wpa_cli step as shown on the wiki:

# wpa_cli
> scan
> scan_results

The last command showed my wifi network. I then followed the rest of the steps on the wiki, but the internet connection still doesn't work (I'm using ping to test the connection).

How can I get my wifi working?

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I figured this out myself. I guess I didn't thoroughly follow the wpa_supplicant page on the Arch Wiki. The problem was that I needed to install the dhcpcd package and then start/enable the dhcpcd service: systemctl start dhcpcd.service. See the Arch Wiki's dhcpcd page for more info.

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