I created .desktop app and it is stored (/usr/share/applications), (.local/share/applications), but I am unable to open via GUI like..right click on mp4 and open with other application. This .desktop app is not showing on open with other applications categories.

  • .desktop Content:
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=sh -x /ASE/app/djv-1.1.0-Linux-64/bin/djv_view.sh    

any solution for this.

For reference please find attachmententer image description here.


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Does the name of the desktop file follow the appropriate part of the Desktop Entry Specification?

There is no MimeType= keyword in the desktop file, so the file is effectively saying that this program is not used with files of any type, like a desktop calculator app for example. So it will not be appropriate to show it in the right-click menu for files of any type.

The fix is to add a MimeType= keyword, listing the MIME type(s) of files that this program will be able to open.

You should also add an appropriate field code to the Exec= line to tell the system where it should put the filename(s) the program should open. Here is the appropriate part of the specification.

  • If the program accepts just one pathname, use %f where the filename should be placed on the Exec command line.
  • If the program accepts multiple pathnames, use %F.
  • If the program can accept URLs, use %u or %U depending on whether the program can accept just one URL at a time, or multiple URLs, respectively.

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