I'm trying to clean up known or bogus error messages that shows up in the log when I boot my Debian server, in order to more clearly see actual errors. Now it's come to this:

Base address is zero, assuming no IPMI interface

Since I know that my system (Supermicro H8SGL) does not have IPMI (gotta pay extra - I didn't) it appears that the vendor sets the base address to zero to mark a non-existing feature, something that the kernel frowns upon according to the kernel patch introducing the message. From the changelog:

ipmi:dmi: Ignore IPMI SMBIOS entries with a zero base address

Looking at logs from systems all over the place, it looks like tons of broken systems exist that set the base address to zero. I can only guess that is some sort of non-standard idea to mark the interface as not being present. It can't be zero, anyway, so just complain and ignore it.

Can I tell the kernel at boot with some kind of flag that I don't even want it to try doing whatever it does in order to end up with this error? I'm not sure if this is a module that is being autoloaded, something built in to the kernel, or something else...

There is a possibly-relevant question here at U&L, Boot Error -> ipmi:dmi : Invalid offset : 0 but the answer is basically "just try newer kernels" and a bunch of people in forums who thinks it relates to Windows and SSDs, so it is not very helpful.


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