I am using qemu v2.11.1 and libvirt 4.0.0 - both are latest stable for Ubuntu 18.04. The guest is Windows 10 running on Tianocore UEFI firmware. When I tried to take a snapshot on virt-manager, it thew an error and looks like it does not allow internal snapshots to be created on UEFI firmware.

enter image description here

I do not really concern about having a chain of external snapshots, as long as I can use UEFI firmware. However, virt-manager shows no option to choose between internal and external snapshot styles in the snapshot management tab.

Is there any way to do that? Or I must give up on virt-manager go back to command line?

  • (apologies, I've deleted my answer. I don't snapshot my VMs in this setup, and in fairness I have none running on UEFI but I can give it a spin) – Pedro Jun 24 at 19:21
  • libvirt does not support internal snapshot for pflash. You can only do external flash (--disk-only) – Wang Jun 30 at 22:23

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