I have several applications in my system tray which are not the default monitoring gadgets of Icewm. For example, below you can see, from left to right, [1] pnmixer, [2] nm-applet, a keyboard leds indicator [3] trayleds.py, a brightness indicator [4] traybr.py, the [5] battery level indicator and the [6] network monitoring widget (the last two are Icewm builtins).

Sample tray icons

The order of the first four, non-builtin is apparently randomly defined at startup. How may I fix the order for them (say, [2], [4], [1] and [3])? man icewm-winoptions mentions

order: NUMBER (default: 0)

The sorting order of task buttons and tray icons. The default value is zero. Increasing positive values go farther right, while decreasing negative values go farther left. The order option applies to the task pane, the tray pane and the system tray.

but how can I find out the appropriate names to add to ~/.icewm/winoptions?

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Use icesh to find the terms that should go in ~/.icewm/winoptions. They are those in the 4th field, as I determined by trial and error:

$ icesh systray
0xc00001    0  5981 "pnmixer"           : (pnmixer.Pnmixer)    10x10+10+10
0x1000001   0  5980 "NetworkManager Applet": (nm-applet.Nm-applet) 10x10+10+10
0x1400001   0  5988 "trayleds.py"       : (trayleds.py.Trayleds.py) 10x10+10+10
0x1200001   0  5989 "traybr.py"         : (traybr.py.Traybr.py) 10x10+10+10

So, to get [2] nm-applet, [4] traybr.py, [1] pnmixer, [3] trayleds.py order, this is your ~/.icewm/winoptions:

NetworkManager Applet.order: +1
traybr.py.order:             +2
pnmixer.order:               +3
trayleds.py.order:           +4

The result:

Sample tray icons user-sorted

  • nice :-) Where did you get the tryleds.py from? I googled in vain ... Commented Jan 22, 2022 at 20:51

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