Hi I'm trying to launch cal with sxhkd. And it doesn't work, the terminal window is closed right after the command is executed.

I tried to do it using the following:

# launch urxvt 20x8 with cal
super + c
    urxvt -geometry 20x8 -e cal -m

I also tried to set bspwm to open the window as floating with this: bspc rule -a urxvt:cal state:floating but it doesn't have any efect


You need to add -hold on urxvt, in order to not destroy its window when the program executed within it exits.

urxvt -hold -geometry 20x8 -e cal -m
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    The -e option eats the remaining arguments (+hold shouldn't be on the end). – Thomas Dickey Jun 21 at 18:51
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    ... And I'm pretty sure it should be -hold. +hold deactivates the "hold". – Quasímodo Jun 21 at 19:13
  • @Quasímodo just checked the man page it is indeed a -hold – user419050 Jun 21 at 20:18
  • Thanx guys, I was totally careless. – Krackout Jun 21 at 20:48

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