I wanted to update the system with zypper dup command but Each time the command is executed, the zypper tries to install libreoffice* and some other apps, although I have already deleted that libreoffice* program and patterns-office!

I also run this command to check patterns: zypper se --recommends libreoffice
result is:

S | Name                        | Summary                              | Type
  | OpenLP                      | Open source Church presentation an-> | package
  | gcin                        | Chinese input method server          | package
  | patterns-gnome-gnome_office | GNOME Office                         | package
  | patterns-kde-kde_office     | KDE Office                           | package
  | patterns-mate-mate_office   | MATE Office                          | package
  | patterns-office-office      | Office Software                      | package
  | patterns-xfce-xfce_office   | XFCE Office                          | package

Does anyone have a suggestion?


You can add an option to avoid installing recommended packages :
zypper dup --no-recommends

From zypper dup --help :
--no-recommends Do not install recommended packages, only required ones.

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