I have a server running SSH, when I edit a file with vim on the remote server, :y+ doesn't work since the VIM binary on that linux system wasn't compiled with X support.

(E488: Trailing characters)

So how should I share the clipboard? Just transparently like what I do on local system


Use a vim compiled with X support instead, e.g. gvim -v, along with X forwarding in SSH.

  • It's counter-intuitive that this will work even without xserver on the server side. Worked for me on Debian Wheezy server using vim-gtk which replaced old vim (using debian-alternatives) and had only few dependencies. No pulling in of whole xserver to my headless VPS. (Surprisingly enough, the sshd even had X11 forwarding on by default) – Alois Mahdal Jul 10 '13 at 23:24

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