I have a Python script which runs in multiple instances with different parameters, for instance:

python3 proc.py -s -v -l proc_one.log
python3 proc.py -c -v -l proc_two.log

I usually start these in tmux sessions with a script on boot and manually check in on these, to restart if they crashed.

tmux new-session -d -s proct 'cd /opt/proct/ && python3 proc.py -s -v -l proc_one.log; bash'
tmux split-window -t proct 'cd /opt/proct/ && python3 proc.py -c -v -l proc_two.log; bash'

This is rather tedious and should be automated. I recently came across this solution, which offers kind of what I look for. A cronjob running the following bash script every couple of minutes:

if [[ ! $(pgrep -f '^python3 proc.py -s -v -l proc_one.log') ]]; then
    python3 proc.py -s -v -l proc_one.log

While this would keep my script running, it would also prevent me form checking in on the process.

My question is, how can I have a script check if my process is running, like the one above, but if it is not running, start it in a tmux session. I wouldn't mind separate tmux sessions for the different instances.


Make a service. Put


ExecStart=python proc.py --args ok




Also implement error handling so that the script does not crash.

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  • Interesting! Thanks for the suggestion. How can I monitor the stdout of the script if it runs as a service? – boolean.is.null Jun 18 at 19:28
  • I see the output can be viewed with journalctl, but it seems to only print the output, once the script exits. – boolean.is.null Jun 18 at 19:56
  • 2
    @boolean.is.null if output is not instant then it may be due to a buffer in your script. You can always redirect to a log file. – user1133275 Jun 19 at 19:55

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