I use the C-b = command in Tmux to select a specific paste buffer from a list.

I wonder how I can use the identifiers (0),...,(9) and (M-a),...,(M-z) to directly paste specified buffer? Indeed, C-b ] paste the (0) buffer.

Furthermore, is it possible to paste a buffer using its name, e.g. "buffer69"?

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The bit in brackets is the key to press, so you can paste buffer 42 by pressing C-b = M-r.

Alternatively you can use the command prompt: C-b : pasteb -b buffer42.

It is possible to bind a key to make a command prompt that just asks for the buffer name, something like:

bind B command-prompt -pbuffer 'pasteb -b "%%"'
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  • Thank you. Small errata: the bit in parentheses. Also M-z is two keys? :) – Shuzheng Jun 18 at 8:23
  • Parentheses are also called brackets. M-z is Meta and z together, usually Alt-z on modern keyboards. – Nicholas Marriott Jun 18 at 11:04
  • Sorry for off-topic, but is M-z considered a single key, just like ^-C (Control-C)? – Shuzheng Jun 18 at 11:14
  • Yes it is a single key like C-c, you press Meta and z together for M-z same as you press Ctrl and c together for C-c. – Nicholas Marriott Jun 18 at 11:19

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