I created three VMs using Redhat 7.6, VMs are deployed using KVM.

  1. CNODE1 =
  2. CNODE2 =

Now because i have a habit of using tmux, so that whenever i type "connect" it automatically opens tmux session with Name "0" with 3 windows each one for 1 vm and automatically logins to all the vms. I added this alias in /etc/bashrc

alias connect='tmux new-session -s 0 -d "ssh [email protected]" \; rename-window -t 1 NODE1 \; new-window -n "NODE2" -d "ssh [email protected]" \; new-window -n "STORAGE" -d "ssh [email protected]" \; attach'

when i run alias "connect" it acts strangely , it seems it doesn't read the /etc/tmux.conf even though i tried to explicitly mention it using -f filter and source-file command .

  1. First, it doesn't show status bar, Status Bar only appears when i navigate to some other window. and

  2. lets suppose i try to divide the window of one Node1 ,instead of showing shell of node1 it shows shell of Host.

  3. In tmux.conf i added

    set-environment -g 'IGNOREEOF' 1 # for accidental exit But it still exits on first ctrl+d

I will add gif of my above actions


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tmux will only read tmux.conf when the tmux server is started or when you explicitly load it with the source-file command.

Splitting a window will always open a shell on the host tmux is running on unless you give a different shell command to split-window.

I'm not sure what is up with the status line, perhaps a redraw issue. Make sure TERM is correct outside tmux.

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