Having a file with two feilds which is :(colon) delimited as shown below:


I need to convert the :(colon) using vim editor which is in brackets [] to ! as shown below :


I tried this but I am not getting the output as shown above.


You could use:


\(\d\+\) Find a decimal number

\@<= Apply a positive look-behind. A positive look-behind means that the previous pattern ( in this case the one above ) is required to match on the next symbol. You can read more how VIM implements this here.

: Match on ':'.


You can use


See that we have grouped the elements [number1 and number2] with \([[0-9]\+\) and \([0-9]\+]\) and reproduced the first with \1 and the second with \2, putting a ! in between them.

I have used [0-9]\+ to indicate one or more digits, but you could simplify to [0-9]* (which means zero or more digits) if you are sure that there is always a number between the colon and each bracket:

  • Thank you so much its working
    – Kavitha
    Jun 15 '20 at 19:37

\v Enable extra regex features

(\[[0-9]+) capture group for opening bracket and at least one digit

: the colon you don’t want

([0-9]+\]) capture group for at least one digit and closing bracket

\1!\2 contents of the two capture groups with the bang you want between

  • thanks its working.
    – Kavitha
    Jun 15 '20 at 19:37

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