If I write a shell script that has commands that require superuser privileges to execute, will that script run if I used sudo while executing the script? As in:

sudo script.sh
  • Did you try something? You could easily find the answer to your question just trying to write a script with a command that requires root privileges and running it with sudo. Jun 15 '20 at 7:46

Yes, all the commands in your script will run as root. See also.

But keep in mind that running your whole script with sudo will also affect some environment variables like $USER, which will be root instead of your normal users name, but depending on the sudo configuration it will not affect others, e.g. $HOME. See also.


Yes it will. Before that check the permissions if the script has the x (executable) permissions as well. Without it it won't run at all.

You can check that by listing the files in that directory with ls -la If there is no x in the permissions try to add it but be careful to not make it executable for all (e.x. 777)

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