I'm creating a .tar.xz archive like this:

XZ_DEFAULTS="T$(nproc)" tar cvfJ "$archive" -C "$dir" .

It's creating this useless . directory when I try to open the archive:

How can I fix that?


This seems to work:

(shopt -s dotglob && cd "$dir" && XZ_DEFAULTS="--threads=0" tar cvfJ "$archive" *)

(Improved with Freddy's suggestion)

It's a little annoying because $archive has to be an absolute path or relative to $dir now and * doesn't generally include dot files, but I can work around that at least.

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    Enable dotglob if you use bash and want to include hidden files: (shopt -s dotglob; cd "$dir"; XZ_DEFAULTS="T$(nproc)" tar cvfJ "$archive" *) – Freddy Jun 15 '20 at 1:29

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