I'm trying to setup proxies using 3Proxy. In the 3proxy.cfg file, you have to enter in IPs like below:

proxy -p3128 -a -i1.1.1.1 -e1.1.1.1
proxy -p3128 -a -i1.1.1.2 -e1.1.1.2
proxy -p3128 -a -i1.1.1.3 -e1.1.1.3

Fundamentally, I'm not clear what IPs should be included here or where one is supposed to get IPs from? I originally thought you can make these numbers up, but that makes no sense.

I thought 3Proxy allowed you to create your own proxy IPs and host them. On a fundamental level, can someone clarify what IP addresses I'm supposed to put in here? Or... am I supposed to purchase existing IP addresses elsewhere to host with 3Proxy?

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