I had installed Oracle Linux. While installing I had selected KDE for the desktop. After finishing I assumed that I could login to KDE Desktop, but I got a TTY.

It asked for login and I gave root and for password entered what I had given while installing.

The thing is I want to go to KDE desktop from TTY. I got after logging in:

[root@techsunil ~]#

How can I switch to desktop of KDE?

  • can I ask what a reason to run oracle linux on desktop ?
    – zb'
    Dec 24, 2012 at 7:22

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There is a couple of things you need to be aware of. What is the current run level ? 3 or 5? Check it by

cat /etc/inittab | grep id\:

If it's 3 then change it to 5 by editing the file and restart or issue on the command line init 5.

If you want to have the GUI login screen, make sure you have KDM or GDM installed run

rpm -q kdm

If this returns no packages, you'll have to install it (but that should have been taken care of by installing KDE).


You need to install and setup KDM. This is easiest way.

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