As in title. I've got a lot of ZIP archives that I want to extract.

All archives have their own unique name.

All archives contain files only (inside archives there are NOT folder(s) at all: no parent / main folder).

I'd like to process all these ZIP archives via GNU parallel.

To sum up:

  • archivename(s).zip has NOT folder(s) inside
  • extract content of archivename(s).zip into archivename(s)/ folder (this folder needs to be created!)
  • keep archivename(s).zip after extracting it
  • repeat this for all the ZIP archivename(s).zip

I was wondering about what utility fits best ZIP extraction: gunzip? unzip? bsdtar? 7z?

P. S.: I'd like to take advantage of GNU parallel for speeding up the whole operation (I'm using SATA SSD devices).

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Removing file extension when processing files:

    parallel 'mkdir {.} && cd {.} && unzip ../{}' ::: *.zip 
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    shame on me!!! If only I had read the manual... :p The answer was there: gnu.org/software/parallel/… Thanks @Ole Tange for your precious software!! ;)
    – T. Caio
    Jun 11, 2020 at 10:44

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