I am running KDE Neon with a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS base. The microphone of my soundbar usually stops working after I lock and unlock my laptop or when I wake up my laptop after it has gone to sleep. Diving into my sound settings to correctly configure:

  • Default Device
  • Record all audio via this device

does not work. I can get the microphone working again by disabling (setting to off) and re-enabling (setting to Analog Stereo Duplex) the Device Profile corresponding to the soundbar. Another solution is to unplug and replug the USB cable of the soundbar.

Is there a more convenient way to have the microphone always working? I am using the microphone for video calls on Microsoft Teams, so it is quite frustrating to have to re-configure my soundbar multiple times per day.

Thank you for your help. Hereafter I have listed some additional information.

Hardware overview

I have a Dell XPS 15 9550 laptop hooked to a Dell WD19TB docking station via a USB-C cable. The docking station is hooked to a Dell P2720DC monitor also via a USB-C cable. The monitor is hooked to the Dell Pro Stereo 515M soundbar via a USB-A cable:

laptop------USB C------dock------USB C------monitor------USB A------soundbar


The speaker of the soundbar always works, even if the microphone is not working.

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