I didn't do the cleverest thing and changed the /lib64/libc.so.6 symlink - better still it points to something that doesn't exist - and best of all, the path it points to is within /lib/, a folder owned by root.

How do I (Can I) get libc.so.6 pointed to the right thing again?

I've seen other threads like this one which are able to do it when libc.so.6 is deleted. I cannot do that as it gives me the output that /lib64/libc.so.6 cannot be unlinked (presumably because I do not have permissions)


If you cannot unlink a symlink then you cannot change it either. Usually only root has write (i.e. delete) permission in /lib and /lib64.

On my system it points to libc-2.30.so. In a root shell (or with sudo) you can do this:

cd /lib64
ln -sf libc-2.30.so libc.so.6

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