I want to grant a user sudo access.

I suppose mainly I want to grant privileges to install software, and am not quite sure how to this in CentOS:


wheras in Ubuntu the option, at least as I recall, is:

sudo adduser foo sudo

to add user foo to sudo. I'm also curious as to why this isn't available in CentOS -- perhaps it's not fine grained enough?

[nsaunders@rolly ~]$ 
[nsaunders@rolly ~]$ sudo usermod -aG sudo rdegamma
usermod: group 'sudo' does not exist
[nsaunders@rolly ~]$ 

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The group in CentOS isn't called sudo. It's call wheel.

As root:

usermod -aG wheel rdegamma

You then need to run visudo and uncomment the below line in the sudoers file if you haven't already:

%wheel  ALL=(ALL)       ALL

Have the user start a new shell session to enter their password for sudo.

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