I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 with XFCE4 dark theme, but KDE apps (for example: ktorrent) are using default bright theme. How to set those apps globally to use dark theme?

(previously I never had this problem at all since I almost never use KDE apps)

Gnome apps (gnome-disks, gprename) themes using dark theme without any manual settings (probably respecting xfce4's settings? or their default are already dark mode)


To changes the KDE apps theming you would need system settings from KDE systemsettings5 this will save the theme settings under ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals.

Otherwise as KDE is using Qt for its application the parameter --style can be used to change the theme per application as follow:

konsole --style "Adwaita"
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    i've installed systemsettings package, but after opening systemsettings5 it only have 4 configuration options: shortcuts, applications, settings (network), and kde connect; no settings for theme ibb.co/3dn1Wzw
    – Kokizzu
    Jun 6 '20 at 20:08
  • I guess some other package are missing to have the theme category
    – origami
    Jun 6 '20 at 23:17

Nevermind, found the answer: Get Qt5 Apps To Use Native Gtk+ Style In Ubuntu Or Debian, I was searching with wrong keyword, it should be "how change qt apps theme in ubuntu"

sudo apt install qt5-style-plugins

solved the issue (you'll need to restart the KDE apps) and it would use dark theme normally.

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