My sub-directory has multiple .git repo. To Find them I am using:

$ echo **/.git        
demo-component-a/.git demo-component-b/.git

Now I actually need the parent directories. demo-component-a & demo-component-b.

I found this neat feature to find the parent of a path:

$ var=/home/blueray/Documents/antora/demo-component-b
$ echo $var:h

Now I am trying to combine these two.

I have tried the following:

$ echo $(echo **/.git):h 
demo-component-a/.git demo-component-b/.git:h

This is not what I want. What can be done here?


The h history modifier strips the filename component off of each pathname. To use a history modifier on the result of a wildcard expansion, put it in a glob qualifier: in parentheses at the end, with a leading : to indicate that it's a history modifier.

To only find directories, which would exclude git linked working trees, use (/:h) as the glob qualifier.

As you found out, that :h history modifier can also be applied on parameter expansions (like in csh where that feature comes from). In zsh, you can also apply it to each word resulting of the $IFS splitting of a command substitution, by writing it:

print -rC1 -- ${$(echo **/.git):h}

The above would be wrong for other reasons though (like usage of echo, splitting file paths on SPC+TAB+NL+NULL). To be equivalent to **/*.git(:h), that would rather be:

print -rC1 -- ${(0)"$(print -rNC1 -- **/*.git)"}
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  • It takes 10 min to accept an answer. Sorry for the delay. – blueray Jun 5 at 9:11
  • @blueray Well, it's good to give others a chance to come up with a better solution... :-) – Kusalananda Jun 5 at 9:13
  • By the way, if I need to run git commit -am "Latest Commit" in all these directories, how can I do that? – blueray Jun 5 at 9:18
  • @blueray for dir in **/.git(/:h); do git -C $dir commit ...; done But you don't need the :h for that I think. – Kusalananda Jun 5 at 9:20
  • Why would you use (/:h) here? It would exclude git worktrees, where .git is a regular file rather than a directory, and I don't see any reason to exclude worktress here. – Gilles 'SO- stop being evil' Jun 5 at 11:50

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