I know one can list what commands are enabled in busybox with the $busybox command, but I was curious as to which utilities/packages busybox actually can replace (say util-linux, pciutils, usbutils, coreutils, binutils, findutils, etc).

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Busybox was designed and implemented to be the only binary in a system. It implements hundreds of binaries.

You could potentially work out a definitive list of packages by 1) taking the full list of binaries that busybox implements from the website, then 2) mapping each to an installed package (such as using dpkg -S $(which <bin>) on Debian). Some might not be on your system, you'll need to figure those out separately.

  • I have checked busybox command list already, I just want to know what utilitiy packages it does or does not replace and any overlapping. Commented Jun 5, 2020 at 19:39

According to the busybox 1.31.1 menuconfig those are the utilities covered by busybox

you can always view this menu as the following:

  • if you are building from the source make menuconfig in the busybox directory.
  • if you are using buildroot make busybox-menuconfig
  • if you are using Yocto project bitbake -c menuconfig busybox

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