I'm running a NAS server with https://www.openmediavault.org/ on a Raspberry PI. I've made a "shared folder", activated SMB sharing and within it created a share for this folder with "only guests" mode. I can use the share over the network.

But now I want to secure it with a login/password instead of "only guests" and I'm a bit overwhelmed. How do I make sure my share needs credentials for access (read/write)?

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Ok, it looks like I may have overlooked pressing Apply configuration during some of my experiments. Assuming you have a share, which you can access in Guests only mode, the process for simple password-protected SMB share is like this:

  • in Access Rights Management -> User create a new user, leave default groups. Apply configuration.

  • in Access Rights Management -> Shared Folders choose the share, click Privileges at the top and give your new user Read\Write access. Apply configuration.

  • in Services -> SMB/CIFS choose your share and switch its Public option from Guests only to No. Apply configuration.

Now when you try to login - you should be asked for credentials.

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