I want to correct some texts automatically as much as possible using aspell.

  1. Does aspell offers such a thing? e.g. replacing the misspelled word with the suggestion if there was only one suggestion?
  2. aspell offers an option called --repl. How can I use it? Any example please?

Actually, I tried the following command:

aspell --repl="en.wl" -c "text.md";

were text.md is:

I wat to attend a corse.

and en.wl is:

corse   course
wat want

The result was the interactive mode.

My experience with Arabic was more complicated. The following command with Arabic text and Arabic word list gave me nothing (no message & nothing changed):

aspell --repl="ar.wl" -c "ar-text.md";

And when I added -l ar, the result was:

Error: Expected language "ar" but got "en".

Although aspell dicts command shows ar dictionary among other dictionaries.

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