• To get TAB and ctrl-i to do different things. I added the following configuration to my xterm and bash configuration files, and everything worked fine
XTerm.vt100.translations: #override \n\
    Ctrl <Key>I: string("\033[a5i")
bind -m vi-insert -x '"\e[a5i": echo aa'
  • But when I ran bash in tmux, the above configuration didn't work properly, and when I hit ctrl-i, instead of executing the echo command, screen printed out 5i

  • I tried to perform this binding in tmux, but the results were not satisfactory

    Where ^[[1;2A5i is the key sequence of ctrl-i I got using the read command

bind-key -n ^[[1;2A5i 'send-keys \033[a5i'

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tmux doesn't understand this key sequence. You can make it do so by adding it as a user key and then making that key send the sequence to panes inside tmux:

set -s user-keys[0] "\e[a5i"
bind -n User0 send Escape "[a5i"
  • Oh, thanks, but when I press ctrl-i in bash, I can trigger the binding, but it still prints 5i more
    – yyy33
    May 23, 2020 at 7:07

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