I have the following keybindings in my muttrc (among others).

bind generic,index,pager \Cf            next-page
bind generic,index,pager \Cb            previous-page
bind generic,index,pager \Cd            half-down
bind generic,index,pager \Cu            half-up

I have been trying to get a vim-like key-binding in mutt and as a part of that, I'd like Ctrl-D and Ctrl-U to work as page-up/page-down globally. When reading an email, this works just fine except that when I've reached the end of the email (by hitting enough number Ctrl-Ds), an additional Ctrl-D moves me to the next email in the mailbox.

I would like it stop there and show "Bottom of message is shown" consistent to "Top of message is shown" when I try to page-up beyond the top of the email. This looks like the "expected" default behaviour IMO.

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Adding following line into your muttrc will serve Your needs.

set pager_stop = yes


From muttrc(5) / neomuttrc(5):

Type: boolean
Default: no

When set, the internal-pager will not move to the next message when you are at the end of a message and invoke the <next-page> function.

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