If we try to install some package with gdebi-gtk and there are missing dependencies, when we click in "details" it will show a popup window. It contains a tiny list field that we can barely read, the letters are big but the field is too small.
Anyway, the real problem is, despite we can select, we can't even copy it's contents.

So, how to force get it?

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first find it's pid:
pgrep -fa gdebi-gtk #eg 3283

dump it:
sudo gcore 3283

collect the package names:
astr=($(strings core.3283 |grep "To be installed:" |sort -u |sed -r 's".*: ""' |grep -v "%s"))

fix any if necessary:
declare -p astr #copy this output, paste and edit

install them sudo apt-get install "${astr[@]}"

I just did it for 80 winehq (latest 5.8) dependencies w/o problems.

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