I was trying to set firewall rules to my website but I messed up with IP table rules and locked out myself. Now, I can't access to the VPS via SSH. When I try it I get that message:

ssh: connect to host [IP address] port [Port]: Connection timed out

Firstly, I have done those steps for setting the firewall rules. And after iptables -A INPUT -j DROP I think I've blocked myself as I couldn't add any command after all.

steps for setting firewall rules

So, what can I do for fixing this problem and add a strong firewall?

Note 1: I'm new in those stuff and trying to learn it tho, Note 2: I don't have access to instance’s management page but I can ask my friend who is hosting the website to do stuff. So priority fixation can be on SSH

Thanks Beforehand!

  • If there's nothing set up to make the rules persistent, just reboot the box and your rules will be wiped.
    – Pheric
    May 12 '20 at 15:14
  • As for making sure this doesn't happen again, I just schedule a reboot 10 minutes in the future and if my rules work I cancel it. Simple and quick. Good luck
    – Pheric
    May 12 '20 at 15:15

There's no way to regain access via ssh. You have to contact your friend and ask him to reset the iptables' rules.

If I can give you a suggestion, I would configure a watchdog using cron or at while configuring iptables, so it won't happen again. I think you can find useful this answer and this answer on ServerFault.

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