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How to fix Ctrl + arrows in Vim?

Through the several tutorials and tips and tricks site about Vim, I think I happened to read that one can reassign a combination of keys in Vim.

I would have loved to switch between vim tabs more easily and quicker that typing :tabn or :tabp each time.

For the moment Ctrl + Left or Right arrow, makes me switch from command mode to insert mode, and pastes the character c or d according the arrow pressed.

So I plan to assign Ctrl + Arrows (Left Right) to :tabn :tabp

However as I am still relatively really new to Vim, I wonder if they may have a superuseful utility that I might not know about.

Am I safe to re-use them this way ?

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The reason you're seeing what you are is because they're completely unassigned, and vim is processing the raw character sequence instead. Feel free to give them a useful purpose.

$ od -c <<< '<C-V><C-Left>'
0000000 033   [   1   ;   5   D  \n
$ od -c <<< '<C-V><C-Right>'
0000000 033   [   1   ;   5   C  \n

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