I'm trying to find all the values stored in files in a directory.

I can cat /some/dir/* but that just gets me something like


What I want is something like

/some/dir/file1: 1
/some/dir/file2: 2

Is there any way I can accomplish this?


If all files contain only one line:

find /some/dir -type f -exec awk '{print FILENAME ": " $0}' {} +

Else, print a single line with the filename as header:

find /some/dir -type f -exec awk 'FNR<2{print FILENAME ":"}1' {} +

With GNU grep (which happens to be the implementation found on CEntOS) or compatible:

grep -r '^' /some/dir

The ^ regular expression matches at the start of each line, so matches every line. grep prepends the file name to each matching line. You can also add the -n option to include line numbers.


find /some/dir -type f -exec grep '^' /dev/null {} +

We add /dev/null to make sure grep prints the file name even if the list of files has only one element.

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