I have a list of URLs in file urls.txt.

If possible, I want to get all URLs that give a 404 error when I attempt to fetch them with curl, and copy them to a new file.

For example the URLs in my file urls.txt:


so I want to try to fetch each one and if the fetching fails with error 404, I want to store the failing URL into a new file.


This may not be the best, but try this:

Make a file urlcheck.sh, then give permission to execute. or simply enter this command:

touch urlcheck.sh
chmod +x urlcheck.sh

Paste below script to urlcheck.sh


if [ ! -f output404.txt ]; then
    touch output404.txt

while IFS= read -r line; do
    OUT_URL=$(curl -I $line 2>&1 -m $TIMEOUT| awk '/HTTP\// {print $2}')
    if [ "$OUT_URL" == "404" ]; then
        echo $line >> output404.txt
        echo "$line written to output404.txt"
        echo "$line     $OUT_URL"
done < "$1"

and save.

To run the script:

./urlcheck.sh urls.txt

then, check output404.txt generated by the script.

Please note that The url in each line must an url readable by curl such as https://unix.stackexchange.com/.

you can change the timeout second in line TIMEOUT=3.

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  • thank sir, but output404.txt not generate after runing script – amine May 9 at 20:14
  • then create it first touch output404.txt. I have modified the script. please check. let me know if it works – Jastria Rahmat May 9 at 20:18
  • the fil output 404.txt generate is still empty – amine May 9 at 20:27
  • sorry, my bad, I forgot to rename 404.txt to output404.txt. fixed now. try it – Jastria Rahmat May 9 at 20:30
  • Thank very much sir, now is working, thank a lot – amine May 9 at 20:58

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