eg. txtfile is just [

sed -i 's/[/linux/' txtfile (this gives an error unbalanced brackets ([])) after running the command I wanted to replace [ to linux

I tried \\ at the front, but I don't think it is correct and searched a while couldn't find anything useful. Thanks

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    Please don't use -i with sed unless you know your sed expression actually works. – Kusalananda May 8 at 6:09
  • @Kusalananda Thank you! Noted! – olo May 8 at 10:14

All you need is escape the [ using \:

sed -i 's/\[/linux/' txtfile

For completeness, another alternative is to put that [ inside a [...] bracket expression:

sed -i 's/[[]/linux/' txtfile
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  • Many thanks for the answer! – olo May 8 at 10:13

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