While watching top some process flashed before my eyes with strange USER-column debian-+.

I checked that this particular process belongs to /usr/bin/tor.
But I can't see the user debian-+ in Linux files like e.g. /etc/passwd. There is only debian-tor user there.

So what is the need for user debian-+? Is it only related to tor or something else?

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It’s the debian-tor user, but top truncates it to debian-+ (the + indicates that the value was truncated).

The default width for the USER column is 8 characters, and the column doesn’t scale with its contents. The width can be adjusted with X while top is running.


Expand the output for username in ps, there you can see the full name:

ps ax o user:16,pid,pcpu,pmem,vsz,rss,stat,start_time,time,cmd

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