If I press zz in vim, my screen/view will center vertically on the cursor position.

How can I do the same, but horizontally? Is there a vim command for that?

  • Do you mean moving the cursor to the middle of the current line? – Kusalananda May 6 '20 at 20:50
  • @Kusalananda i mean moving the view so that the cursor is at the center of the screen, without changing the cursors actual position – isocseles May 6 '20 at 21:09
  • 1
    How would that work if the current line is empty, for example? – Kusalananda May 6 '20 at 22:19

There's no single Vim command, but you can combine zs with zH: Scroll to position the cursor at the left side of the screen, then scroll half a screenwidth to the right.

I have this mapping in my ~/.vimrc:

" Horizontally center cursor position.
" Does not move the cursor itself (except for 'sidescrolloff' at the window
" border).
nnoremap <silent> z. :<C-u>normal! zszH<CR>

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