I needed to write a that behaves correctly with nasty (spaces, braces, etc..) filenames.

scp -rv "$1" shiny:/Volumes/Seagate3To/\"$1\"

This function works, but I don't understand why the quotes need escaping in the second argument of scp.


Let say $1 is

This is a test directory name

We escape the double quote because we want to pass the target directory (part after colon) as a whole (including the double quotes) to the target machine.

Following is what we want to past to target

/Volumes/Seagate3To/"This is a test directory name"

Without the escape, the double quote will be consumed by the local machine and following string is sent, which become 6 strings separated by space

/Volumes/Seagate3To/This is a test directory name

Resulting an error.

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