I manage my WLAN interface through systemd-networkd and use systemd-resolved for the whole system. I have several VPN connections managed by OpenVPN or Openconnect. I have them properly configured to set the DNS information via the systemd-resolved API (done e.g. by /etc/openvpn/update-systemd-resolved) and it works.

The issue

Unfortunately, by default the VPN links have DNSDefaultRoute=yes as reported by resolvectl. This means that when the VPN connection is interrupted, DNS resolution on the system can hang sometimes.

The goal

I'd like to set DNSDefaultRoute=no for these VPN interfaces, but keep them unmanaged by systemd-networkd, i.e. let the VPN tools configure the interfaces.

More generally, my question is whether it is possible to have a per-link systemd-resolved configuration without having the links managed by systemd-networkd.

What I tried thus far

I attempted to create a file /etc/systemd/network/30-tun-no-default-route.network with the contents




I tested that with Unmanaged=false the links get the proper DNSDefaultRoute=false setting, but of course by then systemd-networkd breaks the VPN connection. Unfortunately, with Unmanaged=true, resolved seems to ignore this setting.

To me this seems like systemd-resolved does not interpret *.network files itself. However, this makes it hard to set such resolved-related settings per-link. Perhaps I should submit a feature request for this?

Another possible workaround is to have the VPN post-scripts run resolvectl default-route $IFACE, but that to me seems unsystematic and to go against the purpose of having a declarative-style configuration as done with most systemd stuff.

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