I'm trying to install Zenmap after installing Nmap however it's not quite working. I tried just the regular terminal command dnf install zenmap however it tells me that they're unable to find a match.

I then went to the official website to download the RPM file and tried using the command 'rpm -i filename.rpm' which told me I needed to download PyGTK which I did and it worked. However, now when I try to run zenmap, it shows me

File "/usr/bin/zenmap", line 182 except ImportError, e: SyntaxError: invalid syntax

When I try launching zenmap from the search, it shows Zenmap GUI port Scanner but when I try clicking on it, there's a brief flash on my screen and then it's gone. I tried looking for solutions but there's only 2 when I search and neither of them has an answer to it.

I'm using Fedora 31 with KDE Plasma.

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Apparently Zenmap reached EOL in F28 because it relies on now deprecated Python 2.
See the issue on github: Zenmap and Ndiff are python2 only #1176

You should still be able to make it work by installing (deprecated) Python 2 and the necessary modules.

If I look at the source code zenmap relies on /usr/bin/env python, which on your system would normally default to Python 3 instead of Python 2 and that's probably why you are having that syntax error. Either edit the launchers or explicitly call Zenmap with python2 eg: python2 /path/to/zenmap.

  • Thank you! I called Zenmap with Python2 and it worked perfectly. May 6, 2020 at 22:08

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