I want a create a file with a specific extension(.done). I am using the command touch. Something Like:

touch `basename $UNZIPFILE`".done" 

It's creating the file but in current directory. I want to create this file in a specific directory. Is there a option to provide the directory ?

I checked : http://ss64.com/bash/touch.html , but could not figure out.

I can think of one option is before this command I can do a cd requiredDIR

Is there any other way, I can specify the Directory on the same command, so that I dont have to change the Directory?


basename remove the directory part. You may get it back with command dirname

touch "$(dirname "$UNZIPFILE")/$(basename "$UNZIPFILE").done"

Maybe try

touch ./directoryYouWantFileIn/Whateveryouwantfilenamed.whateverExtension

I think you need full path of where you want it made.

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    – AdminBee
    Oct 1 '20 at 8:16

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