I created a new user in CentOS 6.3 using this commands

useradd deployer

passwd deployer


then I added this line to file:

deployer ALL=(ALL) ALL


Now I trying to install rbenv, to deploy an RoR application. I followed this steps:

cd /home/deployer

su deployer

curl https://raw.github.com/fesplugas/rbenv-installer/master/bin/rbenv-installer | bash

It worked. After, I added rbenv to .bashrc and tried to reload .bashrc file and get this error:

[deployer@mycentos ~]$ . ~/.bashrc 
bash: /home/deployer/.rbenv/bin/rbenv: Permission denied

Anyone know why?


It looks like you're not getting your environment set correctly when you do su deployer. Try sudo -iu deployer, so that you get the environment of that user as well.



I was getting this error because /home folder was mounted with noexec option.

$cat /etc/fstab 
/dev/mapper/VG00-LVhome /home  ext4    defaults,noexec,nosuid        1 2

Now, I changed app to /usr folder and it works!

Thank you!

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