I have to use a Pentium E5400 with 2GB of RAM to code and it's almost impossible at this point.

I mainly do web development stuff and oftentimes a tab ends up eating too much memory and thus rendering my computer useless--not even the cursor moves.

I recall that Windows prompted you to force close the program when that happens; I do know that there is xkill but I can't even access the terminal. Usually, I have to reboot my PC 15 times a day.

I can't upgrade because of financial issues. Is there a way to automatically kill a program when it uses too much memory so at least I won't have to reboot my PC?



Usually Linux' out-of-memory killer does a good job killing a process that is consuming too much RAM. This might not be the case if you have a small amount of RAM but a relatively large swap space. In this case you might want to manually set a limit for the maximum RAM consumption for a particular process to avoid running into a situation where your computer becomes unresponsive due to heavy swapping.

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